For social and environmental justice, together

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“Our side”, the new book by Elly Schlein

We live in times marked by uncertainty about the future. If inequalities have increased and the Earth is on the verge of collapse it is not a coincidence, but the effect of precise choices.

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  • Immigration
  • Ecologic transition
  • Fiscal Justice
  • EU Perspectives
  • Eguality

For an authentically European migration and asylum policy, which implements the principle of solidarity and an equitable sharing of responsibilities among all the Member States of the European Union, provided for by the Treaties.

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A Green New Deal of investments that accompany the necessary ecological transition, helping to save the planet and at the same time relaunching quality jobs in the green and circular economy. A plan of concrete steps to achieve full decarbonisation by 2050, eliminating climate-changing emissions, and 100% renewable by 2035. We make all policies consistent with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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To combat tax avoidance and evasion, through a shared definition of tax havens, the automatic exchange of information, the harmonization of tax standards.

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For a Europe that is courageous, capable of investing in its future, of facing the challenges of the present, already seeing itself to the future, without hesitation.

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For the battle against discrimination, in all their forms and declinations, to defend the right of each individual to fully affirm himself and to be able to do so in safety and serenity.

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