The Italian political agenda on trans rights

Data e ora
3 Giugno 2016
ore: 16:30 - 18:00
Palazzo Re Enzo
Piazza Maggiore
The Italian political agenda on trans rights

Transphobia and homophobia are rampant in Italy. Several bills against transphobia and homophobia have been introduced but never succeeded in the political arena. An outdated law regulates gender recognition, but it was never debated in Parliament. Italian trans rights organizations continuously demand a better law.

A momentum for political change seemed to have arrived last year, when the Italian Constitutional Court clarified that trans people must have access to gender recognition without being forced to undergo surgical sterilisation.

Additionally, some city councils and the Ministry of Equal Opportunity have been involved in the development of best practices that would guarantee better rights for trans people.

We will analyze why Italian politics have been distant to the needs and demands of trans people and what can be done to improve the political response.