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An interview on tax avoidance, immigration and European elections

di Massimo Predieri
05 Dicembre 2018

We met in Rome Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament, for an interview on her vision from Brussels on political topics.

it: Finance, budget, deficit, debt and spreads are in the foreground. You have engaged in the European Parliament against tax evasion and avoidance, which steals resources from government budgets. Can you explain to our readers the difference between evasion and avoidance? What results have been obtained in these years?

Elly Schlein: tax avoidance and evasion, especially of multinationals and large groups, is a real scourge at the European level. The difference is that avoidance does not violate specific regulations. It consists in complex elusive schemes that at European level derive from the possibility for multinational companies to take advantage of the differences that exist between 28 different tax systems. You do not even need to break the law to make tax avoidance.


Read the full interview (leggi in ITALIANO)

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